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Agenzia per la Formazione, l'Orientamento e il Lavoro Sud Milano a.s.c. (AFOL Sud Milano) is a Consortium of Public Institutions whose shareholders are the Province of Milan (33%) and 27 Municipalities of the southern area of Milan (67%).

Agenzia is the outcome of the merging of :
- 2 educational/training centres (Consorzio per la Formazione Professionale e per l'Educazione Permanente and Consorzio Sud Ovest Milano);
- 3 employment agencies (owned by the Province of Milan)


Through its employment agencies, educational/training centres and other structures located in the whole area, AFOL Sud Milano provides the following services:

Services related to employment administrative acts such as:
- unemployment certifications;
- implementation of the professional register of the working population;
- procedures through which welfare support is acknowledged and provided;
- first interviews for jobs in the public administration.

Services related to matching job requests and offers)
These service are aimed at enhancing the role of the public institutions in supporting both people and companies in the matching process (connecting the right person to the right job). They intend to help companies in defining their needs in human resources and to support potential workers with "active" labor policies (counselling, l.l. education).

Services related to active labor policies
Services planned to prevent and counteract the risk of long lasting unemployment:
- vocational guidance and tutoring;
- apprenticeships;
- competences assessments / vocational assessments;
- counselling;
- outplacement of workers that have lost their job as a consequence of a business crisis;
- support to the self-entrepreneurship.

Services related to the integration of disabled people in the labor market
These services are in charge of local authorities: Municipalities and the Province of Milan. According to regional and national laws, they integrate and support other social assistance services in finding an adequate working position for disabled or severely problematic people.

Services related to education and training
These services include all kind of activities connected to life long education and training:
- vocational education for students under 18 (compulsory education - DDIF - Diritto Dovere all'Istruzione e all'Educazione);
- apprenticeship;
- professional updating and vocational specialization;
- lifelong learning education;
- training courses for disabled people.

Services related to the territorial needs
These services refer to all the activities planned for and/or provided to people and/or the community (local administrations and private organizations). Focus is on the weakest sectors of the population and on structural services (activities for leisure time, daily centres for elderly and young people, summer holiday centres for children, territorial services for the entrepreuners, management of cultural projects...).

Transnational projects
AFOL Sud Milano acts also as coordinator/partner in transnational programs (Socrates, Leonardo, Youth..) based on the creation of partnerships between public and private organizations from countries of the European Union.

Main offices:

San Donato Milanese (MI) - Via Parri, 12 - 20097
tel./ fax 02 5230255 - 02 55600564

Melegnano (MI) - Piazza Bianchi - 20077
tel./ fax 02 9837324

Pieve Emanuele (MI) - Via Gemelli, 7 - 20090
tel. 02 90782725 / fax 02 90782735

Rozzano (MI) - Via Degli Oleandri - 20089
tel. 02 8254263/ fax 02 8250095

Corsico (MI) - Via Leonardo da Vinci, 5 - 20094
tel. 02 45103082 / fax 02 45107445


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